2023 Grants Program

October 2023

The CCFOWR values community and has a responsibility to offer a "hand up", empowering the life journey of the marginalized and vulnerable within the Region of Waterloo, with a focus on youth. We believe in inclusion and equity and alignment with the 7 Social Teachings of the Catholic Church. We are committed to cooperating and collaborating with community partners in all sectors to support and evolve common goals.

In our 2023 Program the organization will again address unique school, parish and community needs some of which evolved from the pandemic, much though has been a challenge for years. 


Annual Grants Program: Our program launched on October 30. The application process is simple via a fillable PDF that you'll remit by email along with any relevant attachments you'll have noted in the application. Instructions are reflected in each application form for naming the file. The submission deadline will be November 27, 2023. The status of the application will be communicated to applicants in January 2024.

Applications by applicant type are accessible through the links below this message!


 If additional information is required, please contact Stephanie Medeiros at: (519) 578-3660 Ext: 2474 or via Email: stephanie.medeiros@wcdsb.ca


Grants Committee Chair: Frank Wittmann frank.wittmann@wcdsb.ca

CCFOWR President: Christopher Gehan chrisgehan@ccfowr.ca

Download PDF Application Form for Schools
Download PDF Application Form for Parishes
Download PDF Application Form for Community Organizations