Donations to Scholarships, Bursaries & Funds

Both the original organizations -The Waterloo Region Catholic Schools Foundation Inc. and The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region - offered comprehensive services for many years to the Catholic community in cooperation with other partner organizations. These services have included Scholarships and Bursaries with these awards offered annually to students in the Waterloo Region Catholic Schools. The Funds were created through 3rd party agreements with donors or through the fundraising efforts of the boards of directors. All aspects of the management of these historic funds continues through the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region, Inc.

Listed below are the programs currently in place… Select a Fund and choose your donation option!

If you are interested in establishing a scholarship, bursary or award in memory of an individual or in establishing a fund to support another specific aspect of the Catholic community within the Region of Waterloo, the President of the Foundation or a board member would be happy to discuss with you your goals and to guide you through the process. The fund will be customized to fulfil your intentions and will be structured within a formal agreement. All aspects of the fund will be managed by the Foundation – the investment portfolio, charitable receipting, the application process and applicant selection, distribution of funds, communication and community awareness.

Your first step is to contact the President of the Foundation, Christopher Gehan, for more details and to discuss your intentions. You will be guided through all stages of the process to ensure that your goals are met.