D8 Coaches Appreciation Evening Resurrected

WATERLOO REGION (April 3, 2023) - The Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region (CCFOWR) is proud to announce the re-establishment of the District 8 Athletic Association Coaches Appreciation Event.

The purpose of the event is to honour and thank current and past teacher-coaches and community volunteer coaches who dedicate their time working in high school athletics. District 8 administers 21 secondary school sports servicing the five Catholic and three Independent high schools in Waterloo Region. The organization oversees 33 competitive leagues – boys, girls, and co-ed. 

The CCFOWR has a long tradition of serving local Catholic schools, Catholic parishes, and worthy causes within the wider community of Waterloo Region. Vic Degutis, CCFOWR’s President, emphasized that, “The Foundation is about ‘Supporting Possibilities and Making a Difference’ and we recognize the difference that coaches make in the lives of their athletes. Initiating partnerships and bringing people together is what we do.”

“We have so many dedicated coaches in District 8 who graciously give their time to elevate students’ secondary school experiences,” said Derrick Stryker, Athletic Coordinator of District 8. “In so many ways athletics helps to provide student engagement, character development and increased mental health, and we have our volunteer coaches to thank for providing these opportunities to our students.”

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been showing up on fields, courts, and ice rinks in increased numbers to participate in school sport, and teacher-coaches and community volunteer coaches within schools have been there to provide all possible opportunities to participate. 

Resurrection wrestling coach Steve Gross at District 8 Championships, 2023

Together, the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region (CCFOWR.ca) and District 8 (district8.ca), with support from its member schools, will be seeking community sponsors who share the same appreciation for the opportunities that school sport can offer to students. 

The event is scheduled to take place on Monday June 19, 2023. Any individuals or businesses interested in supporting the event can reach out directly to Frank Wittmann through the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region or Derrick Stryker through the District 8 Athletic Association. 


For more information contact:

Frank Wittmann
Vice-Chair of the Catholic Community Foundation of Waterloo Region